BYNgo - the first payment chat-bot in Belarus

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  • Webpay

BYNgo - the first payment chat-bot in Belarus

WebPay and the partners has launched a chat-bot called BYNgo. With its help belarusians can quickly and easily make actual payments such as payments for mobile phone services, national telecom services, Internet and TV from different providers, utilities, education and courses. Also it gives the opportunity to top-up bank cards, e-wallet and TON WALLET and execute operations with GRAM tokens or transfer money to bank cards. If there's a need to pay speeding fines from Traffic Police speed cameras you can do it with the chat-bot as well.

The unique point of the service is that it notifies the user about new bills.

Our service doesn’t take extra charges for card payments. Moreover, you can pay by any belarussian bank cards.

The number of users adopting our chatbot @BYNgo_bot is rising by the day. This bot was explicitly developed using Telegram API to make payments for various services.

Developers have thoroughly solved the data safety issue. All bank cards data, sent to bot, is encrypted and cannot be used by a third person. Operations with cards are performed according to PCI DSS standard.

Considering the Decree No. 8 Webpay are determined to work closely with Belarusian banks and combine efforts in adopting Telegram tools to achieve desirable user experience as well as using TON network and GRAM in smart contracts development practices.

It’s worth saying Telegram was the first messenger where BYNgo was launched.

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